The first segment of the series, LORD OF LINGERING SHADOWS, pairs an outrageous female, Scarlet Ruby Müller (Julia Aks), with the stoic founder of the Elements Club, Lord Ashton Gray (Charlie Woods).


Lord of Lingering Shadows

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What is Transmedia?

Transmedia is a form of storytelling

that involves relaying a story across

at least three different media

platforms with each platform offering unique content rather than repurposed assets.

Platforms of The Elements Club series:

1) E-books

2) Causal video games

3) Online episodes

4) Live Events for Club Members

What is a Segment?

Segment 1:


Casual Video Games

Online Episodes



A segment is a group of products that feature a certain male and female lead.


In The Elements Club, fans are introduced to various characters. Over the course of the series, certain characters will secure the affection of their special someone. For each character's romance, a suite of products featuring that couple emerges.


Each segment is projected to include:

e-books, online videos, and casual video games.

What is an Elements Club membership?

The Elements Club story merges "Downton Abbey", "Friends", "General Hospital" and "Shark Tank".

For fans who want the fun of interacting deeper with the story by engaging in live events (mobile, live-streaming and at-location) as well as supporting the realm, The Elements Club offers four tiers of membership dues, each with different perks.


See the CLUB MEMBERSHIP page for further details.

How can I unlock the entire story?

If you want to unlock the entire story, then you would join The Elements Club, and for every segment, purchase and consume each offering (e-book, casual video game(s) and online episodes).


OR, you can take the flirtatious route and consume the story using whatever media you like best:  read a book, play a game, watch a video or join a live event.