KYS Realm, (pronounced "Kiss Realm"), is a transmedia producer and the creator of The Elements Club, the world's first transmedia romance series (ebooks, casual video games, online episodes and live events). She has made industry headlines for being the first to have created an interactive romance ebook series. One of only a hand-full of female video game producers focused on the casual game space, in late 2015 she was thrilled to launch The Elements Club: Unity Match video game--the world's first romance match-3 video game.


In late 2013, she founded Transmedia Romance, an online group of RWA romance writers dedicated to seeing their industry grow into new media forms.


In October 2013, she was selected as a Finalist for GamesBeat Who's Got Game Innovation Showdown where she shared her vision for romance video games.


In June 2014, she lead a panel focused on Transmedia Romance at the annual Romance Writers of America conference.


In March 2016, she is leading a panel on Full Motion Video Game development and is joined by fellow FMV producers, Sam Barlow and Simon Tremblay.


The Lead Visionary & UI Designer for Transmedia Story Stream, she is building a revolutionary platform which blends social video game mechanics with narrative to allow authors to BUILD, DISTRIBUTE, and ENGAGE fans in multi-media story worlds. Don't just read a story--engage with it!

KYS Realm's  interview by Digital Pubbing.

KYS was interviewed for an article on transmedia in the January 2014 issue of Romance Writers of America Magazine.