Lord Ashton Talbot Gray


Founder of The Elements Club

Male     |    32 years    |    British    |    Divorced

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  • Overview >>

    ADDRESSED AS: Lord Gray

    NICKNAME: "Lord of Lingering Shadows"


    Following his high profile divorce in 1887, Lord Gray founded The Elements Club, a London-based investment group dedicated to scientific endeavors.


    His scientific passion is Botany. Outside of collaborating with American botanist, Charles Frederick Millspaugh, on a book of medicinal plants set to be published in the Fall of 1892, Lord Gray is routinely found toiling away in his London greenhouse cultivating new wheat strains.


    A reserved problem solver, he is reliable and disciplined. What he lacks in creativity is made up for by a strong work ethic coupled with a gift of perseverance.

  • Family >>

    Sadly, his family life is fractured. Lord Gray’s mother passed on several years prior, and his father, the Marquess of Derset, is living. However, the marquis is not pleased with his younger son. He believes Lord Gray has dishonored the family name as a result of the divorce--a first in the long history of the family line.


    Lord Gray’s older brother, Daniel, the Earl of Roghery, is married to

    Lady Elizabeth. They have three children: Martha, James, and Matthew. Following his father’s example, the Earl of Roghery refuses to acknowledge his younger brother. This disharmony has emotionally wounded Lord Gray.

  • Likes >>

    As a member of The Vegetarian Society, Lord Gray enjoys creating new vegetarian recipes. When outdoors, he has been known to, not only stop

    and smell the roses, but also sketch them in vivid color. Rumor has it that he collects herbal poisons. While he has denied that rumor, he does not deny his love of dirt. His favorite scent is slightly moist, rich earth.

  • Dislikes >>

    Lord Gray is easily antagonized when he encounters cruelty toward women. And if a person were to frustrate him, it would most likely be due to a lazy attitude or lack of order in one’s affairs.

  • Desires >>

    The strong desire for a loyal wife and a family is a tightly held hope in Lord Gray’s heart. Yet, his past relational failures and a fear of being betrayed hinder his goal.

  • Worships >>

    A conservative Anglican, one would assume that he would be a man of rigid, religious regulation. Of course, assumptions are made to be broken. If there is one thing Lord Gray has learned in the course of life’s trials, it is how to pray. Even though he may not acknowledge it, he has a true gift for authentically engaging in conversation with the Almighty.

  • About Actor: Charlie Woods


    Charlie Woods grew up in London and Bath, England, and graduated from the University of Exeter with a Combined honors degree in English and Drama. In addition, Woods trained at the Desmond Jones Improvisation and Physical Theatre School, and then at Playhouse West in Hollywood, California. He has performed in numerous theatrical productions with companies throughout the UK, Paris, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Most recently, he performed as the lead in Shakespeare by the Sea’s “Two Gentlemen of Verona.” Aside from stage performances, he has worked in various independent films.