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Matt Musgrove

(Lord Wesbury)

Immerse yourself in the second romance of the series

Lord of Flawless Strength

It took only one look into her eyes, and Lord Edward Gelson, the Viscount of Wesbury (Matt Musgrove), knew his soul was instantly ensnared. But where to find this elusive, masked entertainer with the voice of a spiritual siren, the body of a goddess, and a psyche filled with transparent internal pain? Master V (Cassandra Nuss) has not let a wife-beating ex-husband, an obsessed fan, or a chauvinist racing owner get the best of her plans to emerge into Society. Determined to keep her heart in check, her goal of building her secret singing career while publicly racing her prize stallion are put to the test by the attentions of Lord Wesbury.


Released July 26, 2014

Follow the romance of Lord Wesbury & Master V