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Coming Winter, 2014

Lord Edward A. Gelson

Member of The Elements Club

Male     |    31 years    |    British    |    Widow

  • Overview >>

    TITLE: Viscount of Wesbury

    ADDRESSED AS: "Lord Wesbury"


    Independently wealthy; Lord Wesbury could devote all of his time to his passionate hobby of raising racehorses. However, being a wise man, he has resisted Society’s false lure of entitled wellbeing and sloth.


    Outside of applying himself to organizing an animal Humane Society in London, he is a longtime supporter of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, founded in 1824.


    A founding member of the Elements Club, Lord Wesbury also enjoys sharply investing his wealth into emerging ventures that his beloved cat Sir Furry helps pick as winning investments. And how does Sir Furry assist? In Lord Wesbury’s mind, any man who is kind to an animal when nervously applying for funds is a man that has the patience to walk a venture through to completion.  The “fluff test,” so to speak.


    Artistic, sensitive, and intuitive, there is nothing Lord Wesbury likes better than to brainstorm, but woe betide the conformist that lacks imagination! Lord Wesbury has zero tolerance for ambiguity.

  • Family >>

    Following the death of his wife in childbirth in 1886, Lord Wesbury fell into a deep depression which led to an alcoholic addiction.


    His father, the Earl of Kentfordly, is alive, along with his mother. Both are actively involved in charity work. Two married, younger sisters round out Lord Wesbury’s family connections.

  • Likes >>

    Lord Wesbury’s rumbled exterior hides a gentle humor that he releases by drawing humans as animal caricatures. Other favorite activities include sponsoring scientific explorations and collecting fossils.

  • Dislikes >>

    Hating routine, Lord Wesbury actively avoids boredom and is prone to thumb his nose at Society’s rules and regulations. Firing his blood only requires that an animal be hurt or wounded.

  • Desires >>

    Tired of being alone and heartsick, he seeks a healthy wife with whom he can have a multitude of strong children. In addition, he desires an understanding of his confusing, yet unavoidable prophetic gift -- a gift

    that he fears will bring him much mockery if well known.

  • Worships >>

    Raised Anglican, Lord Wesbury leans toward Quakerism due to the sects embrace of females in ministry and the allowance of Spirt led inclinations.

  • About Actor: Matt Musgrove

    Matt Musgrove

    Matt Musgrove grew up in Eugene, Oregon. A graduate of New York’s Ithaca College with a degree in Musical Theatre, he trained in acting at The Ithaca College London’s Center. In 2011,  he toured nationally in “We the People,” an Off-Broadway musical about the founding fathers. He was recently featured in the NY Times as part of the Family Opera Initiative’s original libretto, “CAT the Opera,” He also was a soloist in the original cast recording of Ian Strasfogel’s Opera, “Il Musico.” Outside of stage performances, he develops and produces independent short films. Musgrove resides in Los Angeles.