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Premiered January, 2013

Follow the romance of Lord Gray & Scarlet Ruby Müller

Lord Ashton Gray (Charlie Woods) is not amused with Scarlet Ruby Müller (Julia Aks). Starting with her street-side marriage proposal, to her habit of sucking on metal rings; from her mysterious Ghost Guardian, to her insane Mining, Minerals and Mayhem party, she is an audacious upstart who is now seeking entrance into his beloved Elements Club.


Scarlet Ruby is no fool. A woman bent on revenge, she knows that Lord Gray’s club, a London-based investment group dedicated to scientific endeavors, holds the key to her cherished older brother’s death and to the men seeking to take over her family’s mining company. As the founder of the Elements Club, what could Lord Gray be hiding?


Segment 01 of The Elements Club series

When the worlds of gemstones and flowers collide, who will emerge victorious in the quest for love and truth?




Segment 02 of The Elements Club series

It took only one look into her eyes, and Lord Edward Gelson, the Viscount of Wesbury, knew his soul was instantly ensnared. But where to find this elusive, masked entertainer with the voice of a spiritual siren, the body of a goddess, and a psyche filled with transparent internal pain? Could the mysterious spirit-stirring entertainer be the aloof, fashion-centered, queen of the racetrack, Master V? Or was his prophetic gifting rebelling by lying to his passionate instinct?


Master V has not let a wife-beating ex-husband, an obsessed fan, or a chauvinist racing owner get the best of her plans to emerge into Society. Determined to keep her heart in check, her goal of building her secret singing career, while publicly racing her prize stallion, are put to the test by the attentions of Lord Wesbury. His achingly sweet, yet daring love notes, his gift of dream interpretation, and his off-beat sense of humor centered on zany animal caricatures, threaten to thaw her heart and breathe life into her bitter soul.

When a public crisis arises, Master V and Lord Wesbury wrestle with the meaning of spiritual destiny and the value of life-long ardor.


Released July 26, 2014

Follow the romance of Lord Wesbury & Master V