Scarlet Ruby Müller

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Female     |    21 years    |    German/British    |    Single

  • Overview >>

    NICKNAME: "Ruby-O"


    From the time she was a toddler, Scarlet Ruby understood that soil should always be found under one’s fingernails. Why? Because turning the world inside-out is her family’s livelihood.


    With four older brothers, it is no easy feat to be allowed to assist in managing the global affairs of her family’s holding company dedicated to international mining operations. Thankfully, although her father, Adelbert Eckhard Müller, the founder of Eckhard Earth and Fire Ltd., is a tough man, he is also fair. He recognizes his only daughter’s love of mining and allows her to “dabble in manly affairs.”


    A charming perfectionist, Scarlet Ruby is driven to succeed. Unable to turn to others for help, she can be very demanding upon herself and others.  That negative tendency is balanced by her strong loyalty and desire to help others.

  • Family >>

    With a globe-trotting German-born father and British-born mother, Scarlet Ruby has been exposed to cultures and freedoms that far exceed that of a typical young woman her age. Yet, although the family has had tremendous success in building a worldwide business empire, a cost has been exacted. Over the years, Scarlet witnessed the loss of her mother and the lives of her four older brothers, Paul, Axel, Conrad, and Evert.


    Only one younger brother, Franz (aged 19), remains alive. When her beloved brother Evert died in tandem with an alarming report of a power struggle emerging within the company’s London headquarters, Scarlet Ruby and her father’s suspicions are aroused.

  • Likes >>

    An avid collector of gems, earth samples and rocks, Scarlet Ruby can never seem to get earth out of her system, and as such, she has a curious habit of sucking on her rings. When she is not sucking on metal, she

    can be found cracking open a book to inhale the scent of paper, or creating wild dinner parties which are often followed by a quiet, meditative  knife-throwing session.

  • Dislikes >>

    If there are two things that she cannot abide, Scarlet Ruby hates failing an objective and losing money. What she loathes is being used.

  • Desires >>

    With all the turmoil surrounding her family and her legacy within Eckhard Earth and Fire Ltd., Scarlet Ruby’s primary desire is for peace so, that her fear of being cast out of the company does not come to pass.

  • Worships >>

    Raised Lutheran, Scarlet Ruby finds that it is easier to claim a religious title than to walk the Walk. As struggles of life intensify, she sincerely questions the wisdom of her faith.

  • About Actress: Julia Aks


    Julia Aks was born and raised in Southern California’s “The Valley,” but she is no misty-headed Valley Girl.  A trained opera singer, she graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Special Major Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Opera Performance.  Also trained in dance, acting, and improvisation, Aks has performed in over 40 theatrical productions throughout Los Angeles.  She was a semi-finalist in the The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion’s “Spotlight Awards,” and a two-time nominee for the Kennedy Center’s “Irene Ryan Theater Award.”  Aside from stage performances, she has worked in various independent films.  Aks resides in Los Angeles.